Watermelon Ice

TC EN Watermelon Ice Watermelon Ice Back Sweet 10 Half sugar Cold 0 Ice Texture 0 Fresh The watermelon flesh bursts into the throat | The tongue is dyed with sweet juice | The strong aroma melts the coolness in the forehead | Just in time

Chill berry

TC EN Chill berry Chill berry Back Sweet 0 Sweet Cold 0 Ice Texture 0 Super fresh The drunken lady’s face, not forgetting the tender voice, the flowers are messy and the wine is fading, the music is drunk in the dream, the wine is drunk with cherries | sweet and tender fruit ecstasy, excellent …

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Matcha Berry

EN TC Matcha Berry Matcha Berry Back Sweet 0 Sweet Cold 0 Ice Texture 0 Super fresh Matcha Storm! The wind has landed | A mouthful of tranquility and mellowness strikes melting all the restlessness | Let the sweetness of berries turn into happiness in the mouth

Bubble Tea

TC EN Bubble Tea Bubble Tea Back Sweet 0 Sweet Cold 0 Ice Texture 0 Fresh “Boss~ A cup of precious milk with quarter sugar and less iced!” | The mellow tea fragrance and rich milk blend perfectly | The milky fragrance erupts! Intense taste! The rhyme of sucrose pearls is still in your mouth …

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Peach pod

Juicy Peach

KIS5 “Juicy Peach” is a peach flavor pod.
If there is a cool sip | can bomb me | bring me into the dream of Eden | the air is filled with the breath of youth and lust | before returning to reality, let me take another sip, just one sip.

Lemon Sea salt

EN TC Lemon with sea salt Lemon with sea salt Back Sweet 0 Sweet Cold 0 Ice Texture 0 Fresh If you want to weave a dream about summer | That dream must happen on the beach | The salty sea breeze with a cup of sour of orange | The hot sun is intertwined …

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Hamigua Milk

EN TC Cantaloupe milk Cantaloupe milk Back Sweet 0 Sweet Cold 0 Ice Texture 0 Super cool First _ the richness and thickness of cantaloupe | Then _ followed by the milky fragrance | Final _ the dense fragrance after the juice flows | Luxurious segment-style sensory feast | Unforgettable, really unforgettable!

Super Mungbang

EN TC Super Mung bean Mung bean Back Sweet 0 Super sweet Cold 0 Hi-cool Texture 0 Rich The memory on the tip of the tongue has never been forgotten|This is the mung bean soup I want|Irresistibly emits a strong aroma|Renders space and time|Fixed in the never-ending youth

Bubble Berry

EN TC Bubble berry Blueberry Dubble Bubble Back Sweet 0 Sweet Cold 10 Ice Texture 0 Rich A rare touch of fragrance in the green fields | The air is surrounded by the weaving of childhood and dreams | Accompanied by subtle silk and quietness | Troubles are just surrounded by nothing | The magic …

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