Q&A | KIS5 Frequently Asked Questions​

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Wipe the bottom of the pod | Clean with tissue and scrape off the bottom with something hard

Inside the mouthpiece | Roll up the tissue as a long strip and suck out the excess oil by inserting it into the mouthpiece

Inside the mod | Using the cotton swab/tissue for cleaning

Check if you are using it in the wrong way. hasty inhaling and over-inhaling can cause the cotton core may not able to keep up absorbing oil with the speed of the draw.
make sure the cotton core has enough time torefill and absorbthe juice to avoid scorching the cotton core again.

The bottom of the pod, Blow the hole in the middle from bottom to top. Speed up the cotton core absorbing intuitively can solve the scorching problem!

A dud cause the mod unable to generate smoke normally.
The positive poleof the pod (a golden circle at the bottom) needs to be in contact with the negative pole (an internal golden pole) of the mod before firing, otherwise it may cause poor contact.

Wipe the bottom of the pod and the inside of the pod with tissue, or scrape the bottom of the pod with a screwdriver to clean the dirt. If it still not working, please contact your dealer for a new pod in the warranty period.

The KIS5 R&D has already ruled out the possibility of oil leakage of 999‰ via the physical structure, the defect rate is less than 0.01% unless deliberately damaged. There are variables during transit that cause an oil leak problem.
The thermal expansion could cause the juice to expand and bring oil leakage. Hot weather, improper storage, high temperatures in the transport truck, etc.

After wiping inside and out, please clean the pod by rolling tissue as a long strip and take a few sips. When there is air in the oil tank, can be used normally without oil leakage.

The standardized fittings can be employed universally, but KIS5 can give you the best experience.
If there are problems with the use of other brands, it will not be responsible for any warranty.

Depending on the strength of the individual sip. It is around 200-450 puffs.

Replace the pod with another one to check if the problem is with the atomiser or the pod.

For a problem with the pod, there are a few tips:
Roll up the tissue as a long strip and suck out the excess oil or condensate by inserting it into the suction nozzle
Press the 4 metal buttons on the bottom of the pod firmly with tissue and dry the condensate inside the mod to avoid poor contact.

The small water droplets that adhesion on the suction nozzle, the bottom and in the groove of the pod, which is condensate produced during use. This is a normal phenomenon without the quality issue. It may have an effect on the pod and cause the body to heat up by not cleaning for a long time.

In daily use, always wipe the connection between the pod and the mod, use tissue to wipe off the juice that seeps out from the bottom and sides. Press the hole in the middle of the pod with tissue and wait for absorb the extra juice. Open the sealing plug for a few seconds and close it again. And enjoy.

KIS5 with the anti-reverse draw setting can as normal as be used while lying down. Sure we recommended to use it upright to get the best taste out of every puff!
whatever you are sitting or lying, KIS5 can always give you the best experience.

Do not use it while charging. Same as charging the phone while overused, it will accelerate the damage to the battery.

Once opened, please use them as soon as possible, fresh is still best. If you want to change another flavor, we recommended put the dust plug back to the suction nozzle. Leave it under vacuum and store it in the shade to keep for longer.

If you have any other questions, opinions or requests , please do not hesitate to contact KIS5. We are committed to providing you with the best possible experience in all field, If it does not live up to your expectations, we would like you to give us your suggestions. In the growth, find out problems and solve them diligently. In the growth, we find out problems and solve them diligently as the core-value of KIS5. we sincerely hope that we can be the best with you.

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